Novecento Brut $8 #food #happyhour menu at link SPECIALTY COCKTAILS HAPPY HOUR DRINKS MULE BAR Oaxacan Mule Mezcal Gringo Mule Rye London Mule Gin 12 GIN BAR Pepino Cucumber Collins Citrus Frutos Rojos Berry 12 AGAVE BAR Paloma Mezcal, grapefruit Jalisco Sour Tequila, lime Enchilado Tequila, jalapeño 12 WINE BY THE GLASS Clifford Bay, Sauvignon Blanc 9 Humberto Canale, Pinot Noir 12 Domaine Bousquet, Cabernet Sauvignon 8 Novecento, Chardonnay 8 Novecento, Malbec 8 Trumpeter, Malbec Rose 9 BUBBLES Prosecco 10 BIRRAS Heineken 7 Mahou
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